Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Finally a starting point for this blog
Sometimes I procrastinate - some people would say that sometimes is a little generous. This is the case with this blog. Then you have an event that energises the mind and prompts you to write, to share an experience. So here goes a first attempt...

Ignition2012 an unconference for emerging leaders has spun my wheels. So many ideas that resonate with my mental models. The chance to see the future leaders of New Zealand education co-constructing a format for open dialogue was priceless. These people were not having professional learning done to them. They were forging new paths, sparking from each other and building upon ideas in an atmosphere dripping with collaboration.

I considered myself a lucky participant. Firstly because I am a principal and obviously have 'emerged' as a leader in education. Secondly because I got to see the emerging leaders I took from Taupaki School see that their thoughts and ideas are valued by a wider audience. I was lucky because I got to listen to educators who were not concerned about which sector they were from. Tertiary, Secondary, Primary were all there as equals.

I spoke with amazing people @timoslimo @chrisbradbeer @taratj @claireamosnz @mosborne01 @teachernz @chrisclaynz @traintheteacher @bridgetcasse @homaians. I missed 1:1 face to face connections with @rachelboyd @billy_merchant but their tweets were on the money! All brave people making a difference in our New Zealand schools.

As schools we have a responsibility to incubate stunning people. As leaders in school we must allow innovation to flourish. We cannot allow these bright hopes for the future to be snuffed out or picked off in our schools due to lack of opportunity or professional freedom.

A sign of leadership is to step back and let others shine. The attendees at Ignition2012 definitely shone. I have no doubt that given enough time and resource these people would solve a number of issues (both perceived and real) in education. I hope they continue to experiment at the fringe, inspire those around them and ignite connections.

[Posting interrupted by a 30 minute dialogue with a teacher I took to Ignition2012 who was buzzing about the event]

To the Team at Albany Senior High School e mihi atu ki to mana ki to wairua. You provided the structure and framework for great things to happen. To Mark Osborne thank you for letting an oldish Principal attend this event and providing a forum for me to increase my connections with stunning people.

Taylor Mali would be proud of the many voices who spoke with conviction at Ignition2012

Now... to think about the next post... BYOD or as I want to name it BYOB or the tweet by @johnllock from the First Time Principals' Residential Course where @hekiaparata talked about competitive collaboration... Hmmmmm.